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Tree Kangaroo

Animal species:Brazilian TapirCapybaraChimpanzeeCommon Tree ShrewCrested GuanFlying DragonGorillaOrangutanSlow LorisVine Snake

DescriptionThe Rainforest is a densly wooded area that has poor, unfertile soil because of the large amount of rain that washes out nutrients in the soil. It also is the most populated biome, containing thousands of different species.

TRAVEL GUIDE-Tropical Rainforest-

The Orangutan

A Crested Guan

Green Areas are Rainforest

The Rainforest gets up to 400 inches of rain per year

The Average Temperature:ranges from 77 to 85 degrees fahrenheit

Climate:The Tropical Rainforest has little change in temperature year round, and daily temperature rarley ever fluctuates

Some challenges facing the Tropical Rainforest are deforestion and poaching. Poaching is the illegal hunting of an endangerd species. Poaching can lead a species to the brink of extinction. The trees inthe rainforest are rapidly being cut down, leaving many of the rainforest's inhabitants without shelter.

Landforms: Mountains, valleys, wetlands, streams, rivers, flood plainsand volcanos (rarely)

5 Abiotic Factors:Water, Soil,Air, Proper Temperture, Sunlight

Interesting FactsThirty acres of trees are cut down in The Tropical Rainforest every minute. The trees of a tropical rainforest are so densely packed that rain falling on the canopy can take as long as 10 minutes to reach the ground.

BromeliadsEpiphytesOrchidsCarniverous PlantsLianas



Tourist Attractions:Eco-toursZiplinnig Jungle Tours

Predator,PreyOcelots and Small Monkey


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