Thirty Years of War

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Thirty Years of War

Thirty Years of War

By: Leah Espenhahn

Time Line


Sioux War of 1862


Red Cloud's War


Fetterman Massacre



Battle of Little Bighorn

Ghost Dance War


Wounded Knee Massacre

Chief Little Crow of the Sioux tribe lead a group of Indian warriors to slaughter hundreds of settlers in the New Ulm area of Minnesota. In the end they where defeated by U.S. Army soldiers, but many who survived joined with other of the Sioux in the west.

The most successful war against the U.S. by an Indian nation, Red Cloud's War took place along the Bozeman Trail. Red Cloud lead Indian warriors to attack forts set up along this trail, some of which recided in reservations. Fetterman Massacre occurs because of this war.

Chief Red Cloud prepared a trap for those at Fort Phil Kearny. A small group of warriors lead drew the U.S. soldiers out of their fort, and once out of sight of the fort, as many as 1,000 Indian warriors ambushed and killed the soldiers lead by Captain Fetterman. This caused the withdrawl of troops from the Powder River country in accordance to the treaties in existance.

In late 1875, U.S. soldiers were sent to attack Indians who were reported by an inspector. These Sioux and Cheyenne Indians had left their reservations to protect their sacred lands in the Black Hills. Lead Reno, soldiers tried to attack an Indian village, but were unexpectedly outmatched, and when Custer's reinforcements arrived, they were killed by the Indians.

The movement began because of a dream by Wovoka who said performing a dance would help renew the Indian culture. When some Bureau of Indian Affairs agents saw this dance, they were disturbed by the large numbers performing it, and sent tribal police to stop the dance, but in the struggle Sitting Bull was killed. Following this, the US sent soldiers to take control of the Lakota, which lead to the Wounded Knee Massacre.

As the last significant clash between the Indians and U.S. troops, a group of Sioux lead by Chief Spotted Elk surrendered to U.S. troops, but when a gun was fired during the collection of the Indian's weapons, the soldiers open fired on the group. This ended with over 200 Sioux and about 65 U.S. troops dead.


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