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Thirteen Reasons Why

Samantha MirandaEnglish 8

In the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, takes place in a town called Crestmont in present time. It's about a girl named Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and explains the reasons why she committed suicide through tapes she sent out to people she mentioned in the tapes. One of the people that the tapes were sent to was Clay Jensen who's perspective is described throughout the book. Clay was shocked to hear the voice of Hannah on the tapes, he could not believe it. He was upset to listen to what she had gone through, and how their classmates had treated her. However, he had to find out what he had done to Hannah and why he was one of the reasons why she committed suicide.

The theme that Jay Asher is trying to explain is not to take advantage or spread rumors about others, because you don't know how the person that you took advantage of or spread a rumor about feels. It could be the case where the person you spread a rumor about or took advantage of might not be emotionally strong enough to move on. It could even be the reason that person takes his or her life.

Throughout the story Hannah Baker's personality changes to the point where she takes her life. She was friendly, but since she was the new girl she wasn't sociable. She got average grades, she was not much of a troublemaker, but she did have drama. Hannah was one of the pretty girls in school, and because of that guys degraded her. Hannah cared about what her peers thought of her, and the rumors her classmates said about her. She becomes more timid and mystique by the end of the novel.

The novel is well executed when it came to the theme, and getting the message out to the readers. It was a great suspenseful novel, but the book left me hanging and confused at certain parts when Clay would listen to the tapes. I had a couple of parts of the book to read over several times and think about what had happen to Hannah as well as Clay, because the descriptions of their situations were vague. I would recommend this to everyone regardless of what social background you come from. I think the message that Jay Asher is trying to explain to teens teaches a lesson on how we treat our peers, and the consequences of our actions. I would especially recommend this to people who like to be hanging off the corner of their seats.

Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher


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