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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons WhyBy: Jay Asher



Betrayal Causes Emotional FalloutBetrayal is a huge theme in 13 Reasons Why, and the leading cause of Hannah's death. All of Hannah's friends betrayed her, or at least neglected to see her depression and signs of distress. From Jessica hitting her to Courtney misusing her for reputation and fame to Jenny abandoning her after hitting a stop sign, Hannah feels very suicidal, like no one is there to help her. Not even Mr. Porter, who just tells her to move on like its nothing.

1. Hannah baker2. Clay Jensen3. Tony4. Justin 5. Alex6. Jessica7. Tyler8. Courtney9. Marcus10. Jenny11. Mr. Porter12. Skye13. Ryan


The City of CresmontThe Suburbs (Parties and Homes of those included in tapes)Rosie's DinerMonet's Cafe

In this book, internal conflict is massive. Not only do we see Hannah's emotional story, we also see Clay progress and learn more and more about what it's really like to be depressed and suicidal. This book will teach what it is like to feel lonelyness, disloyalty, betrayal, and humiliation. I think this book is a wonderful book for all those seeking emotional thrill.




Hannah Baker, a girl who's suicide was terribly tragic, left a trail of tapes which changes Clay Jensen's life forever. Clay returns home from school one day to find a box containing a set of tapes. On those tapes, as Clay will soon find out, are exactly thirteen reasons why she has committed suicide. Justin, her first kiss, bragged and spread rumors about her being a slut, whore, etc., followed on to Alex, who made a list describing her having the best bottom of freshman class. She describes Alex and Justin as being not the biggest causes of her suicide, but the ones causing the series of unfortunate events that happen in the future. It goes from betrayal of her best friends to humiliation and being used. Jessica, one of her best friends, felt jealousy and hurt, which caused her to scar Hannah's face forever. Tyler, a boy in the yearbook club, was a peeping Tom, who'd invaded Hannah's home to peek into her window, causing her to feel unsafe anywhere she went. Courtney, the girl who helped Hannah catch Tyler in the act, also let Hannah down by using her as a chaffeur and using her as a tool to fix her reputation. Marcus comes late to Hannah's Valentine date, and when he did come, he was way too touchy and invaded too much of her personal space. This also caused Zach to come over, trying to help her out, but she turned him down, causing him to feel embarrassed. Zach gets back at her for taking away notes which complimented her. Ryan, the poet and editor of a popular school new's article, took her poem and published it without her permission. In one of the tapes, Hannah describes that Clay is not one of the bad ones on her list of people on the tapes, and he's rather one of the nicer ones. She then describes one of her last parties being the worst, having turned down Clay, witnessing a rape, and having an accident which knocked down a sign, which then caused another car to be in an accident, killing a senior from her school. Hannah then describes that all self-respect was lost when she gave into Bryce in a hot tub, where he touched her inappropriately, which she let him do. Afterwards, as a final resort, Hannah turns to Mr. Porter, who gives her horrible advice as to "Just move on". The last tape Hannah gives out leaves an empty, sad feeling. "Thank You" was her final words. In the end, Clay Jensen changes forever, feeling guilty he didn't help her when she showed the signs of suicide and depression. He realizes that a classmate, and former crush in middle school, was also showing signs of depression and suicide, just like Hannah did. Clay yells out Skye's name, and presumably helps and saves her life.


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