Thirteen days to midnight

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Thirteen days to midnight

Thirteen Days to Midnight

SettingThe setting is in a small, not so very active town.

GenreThe genre of this book is romance/mystery

Character 3Ophelia is the last main character. The boy's call her Oh. Oh likes jacob, she likes to help people. she dosn't like to see or hear that people died and she couldnt do anything about it.

Character 1Jacob is one of the main characters in this story. He has a special power they call the diamond. The diamond gives you the power of protection, you could go into a situation where you would die and you would live.

Character 2Milo is another main character. He is best friends with Jacob. Milo is good at finding friends . Milo gets jealous and mad very easily.

Complicating EventsOh wants to give the diamond to so many people that are in trobule but Jacob can only give it to one at a time. Oh has the power to long and she is now "cursed" untill she dies three times. Milo wants to date Oh but Oh likes Jacob and Jacob likes Oh.

ConflictJacob and Milo both like Oh. Oh likes Jacob and not Milo. Oh goes out with jacob. Milo gets jealous. and then Milo and Jacob start talking but when the started talking it became an argument about Oh.

ClimaxOh had the diamond so she could go into a burning house to save an old lady and her cat. Jacob didnt take the diamond back, Oh had the diamond to long and she almost killed someone and she is now "cursed". The boys had to kill Oh 3 times so she would not be "cursed" anymore. Jacob and Milo were worried she wouldnt come back a third time.

ResolutionThe boys had killed Oh 3 times and she came back, the boys were relieved. Jacob decided not to give the dimond to anyone ever again so nothing like that happened again. Milo and Oh had agreed to this also. No more saving people again.

Opinion/RecomendationI loved this book, it was very suspensful which i liked. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery/romance books because it has mystery and romance in one.

written by

Patrick Carman


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