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Third Grade Math GLEs on IA#4

Interval Assessment #4 will take place the week of January 31-February 4.

Click on a GLE stamp below. It will take you to a math Glogster that contains websites to help you learn that GLE.

GLE # 6Recognize and model division as separating quantities into equal subsets (fair shares) or as repeated subtraction

GLE # 9Know basic multiplication and division facts [0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 9s, and turn-arounds (commutative facts), including multiplying by 10s]

GLE # 16Use number sentences to represent real-life problems involving multiplication and division

GLE # 29Classify and describe 2- and 3-dimensional objects according to given attributes (triangle vs. quadrilateral, parallelogram vs. prism)

GLE # 34Fold a 2-dimensional net into a 3-dimensional object

GLE # 35Identify, give properties of, and distinguish among points, lines, line segments, planes, rays, and angles.

GLE # 36Identify and draw segments, rays, and lines that are perpendicular, parallel, and intersecting

GLE # 37Identify, describe, and draw intersecting, horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal, and perpendicular lines, rays, and right angles in the real world

GLE # 47Find patterns to complete tables, state the rule governing the shift between successive terms, and continue the pattern (including growing patterns)


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