[2015] Cassie Sandberg: Third Punic War

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[2015] Cassie Sandberg: Third Punic War

Third Punic War

Rome was victorious after The Second Punic War, and Carthage had been reduced to a small area in North Africa. Many soldiers who came back to their farms found they had been sold to wealthier Romans, who used slaves to run them. These soldiers then flocked to the streets of Rome looking for work. They were eventually sent to war again to fight against Phillip V of Macedonia.

About this war

-The Macedonians used a weapon called a sarissa, a pike with bristles, and used a formation known as a phalanx which is a large, single, block unit of men.-The Romans used small swords and a pilum, a throwing spear. Their formation was a legion that used smaller units that moved on their own.-Battle elephants were used in this war!

Interesting weapons

This battle was held in the hills of Cynoscephalae or the "dog heads". Rome was successful in this fight and took the city of Carthage. They killed the Carthaginian men and enslaved their women and children. The Romans burned the city to the ground and sewed salts into the earth so nothing could ever grow or prosper there again.

Outcome of this war


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