Third Grade Review!

by ElizabethCoomer
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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Third Grade Review!

My 3rd Grade Review

Lessons LearnedAsking Questions About Key IdeasFinding Main Idea and DetailsReading About Time and SequenceDescribing Cause and EffectAsking Questions About StoriesDescribing CharactersRecounting StoriesDetermining the Central Message Unfamiliar WordsText Features

Language Arts

My favorite story!

LearnZillion Lesson!

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Determining the Central Message

Reading "The Story of the Three Little Pigs"

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Math Lessons LearnedLesson 1 : Understand the Meaning of Multiplication Lesson 2 : Use Order and Grouping to Multiply Lesson 3 : Split Numbers to Multiply Lesson 4 : Understand the Meaning of Division Lesson 5 : Understand How Multiplication and Division Are Connected Lesson 6 : Multiplication and Division Facts Lesson 7 : Understand Patterns Lesson 8 : Use Place Value to Round Numbers Lesson 9 : Use Place Value to Add and Subtract Lesson 10 : Use Place Value to Multiply Lesson 11 : Solve One-Step Word Problems Using Multiplication and Division Lesson 12 : Model Two-Step Word Problems Using the Four Operations Lesson 13 : Solve Two-Step Word Problems Using the Four Operations Lesson 14 : Understand What a Fraction Is

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Nine ballons divided in three groups equals 3. 9/3 =3

One piece left out of eight pieces of a pizza would be 1/8th

Three pieces left out of eight pieces of pizza would be 3/8 th left!

One piece left out of 4 pieces of a pizza would be 1/4 th



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