Think-Pair-Share With Technology

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Algebra I

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Think-Pair-Share With Technology

Think-Pair-Share With Technology

This activity is designed for a middle school math classroom. Students would begin by watching a brief clip describing the different types of real numbers. They would then be given a few minutes to reflect on the clip. After reflecting, students would be assigned a partner. Together the pair would discuss their opinions and feedback on the clip. Each pair would be required to draw a conclusion by providing a mind map using Mindomo, in which they listed the different types of real numbers and then classified at least three of each. The students would have free range to customize their visual aid. The customization would allow them to format the mind-map in a way that makes sense for them. After the pairs have finished their mind-map, each group will share their own, allowing for the students to work together to correct any numbers that were misclassified.


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