[2015] Julia Bell: Things Fall Apart; Religion

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[2015] Julia Bell: Things Fall Apart; Religion

Things Fall Apart

The Ibo religion is based on the belief that there is one creator God

The main god is Chineke. Chineke is split into other gods.Anyano-The SunIgwe-The SkyOmaoi-LightningAla-Chineke Daughter, Mother of Ibo, goddess of Earth, decider of morality, controls ancestor spiritsAha Hjoku-Goddess of woman activitiesIkoro-Drum Spirit

Ibo Pantheon is the belief gods and goddesses of the Ibo people. The relgious world believes that every individual is born with a spiritual double called Chi. The Chi controls ones life outcomes.

God is Supreme! He has the power to terrify man or help man with his enormus power. The relationship between god and man can be viewed as a mortal man being gods puppet. If the gods are happy with man kind then their crops will be fertile.

-"At the most one could say that his Chi or personal god was good"(34)-"The flash of the New Yam...was an occasion for giving thanks to Ani, the Earth goddess and the source of all fertility"(43)-"The first voice gets to Chuknu, or God's house"(64)-"We livei in peace with out fellows to honor out great goddess of the earth without whose blessing our crops will not grow"(38)



Gods and Goddessess


Chukwu, The Supreme God

Dressing in Masks;Important Ritual

Praying plays were oftern performed

Statues were madeto honor Gods



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