[2015] Harlie Gittings: Things Fall Apart: Marriage

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[2015] Harlie Gittings: Things Fall Apart: Marriage

Digital Storytelling

-The traditional ceremony is called Igbankwu, or wine carrying, because it involves the wife carrying a cup of palm wine to her husband.-It is a custom for the woman to search for the groom in the crowd of people to give him the wine without getting distracted by the invitees.-The couple are married traditionally after the grom has sipped the wine.-During the ceremony there is a nupital dance where the guests of the wedding throw money around the groom and the woman, to wish the newly weds prosperity. (http://naijaglamwedding.com/)

-The proposal starts with a friend of the males family knocking on the females door presenting the family with Kola nuts and palm wine. -The groom to be is not allowed to approach the bride, so the proposal is done by the intermediary. -The intermediary talks to the family and they eventually give a response.(http://www.everyculture.com/)

Marriage Negotiation

Things Fall Apart: Marriage

The Ceremony

-The wives are suppose to bear many children.-They do the cooking and cleaning around the house.-They help the men do farming.-They are worth little to no value.-The men are the onbes who settle faimly disputes.-The man is incharge of controlling the communication with the ancestors.-They are also responsible for building his obi and huts for wives.(chrome-extension:)

Home Life

-Women are ranked according to the order in which they marry the man.-Igbo people do not pay special recognition to families.-If a woman has a child out of wedlock the child belongs to her natal lineage and not to the childrens father.-Women get married around 16.-Wives had their own huts to live in.

-"Each of his three wives had her own hut which together formed a half moon behind the obi." (23)-"Okonkwo always asked his wives' relations, and since he now had three wives his quests would make a fairly big crowd." (44)-"My daughters suitor is coming today and i hope we can clinch the matter of the bride-price." (69)-"She was about sixteen and just ripe for marriage." (74)





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