[2015] Autumn Slupek: Things Fall Apart - Ceremonies

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[2015] Autumn Slupek: Things Fall Apart - Ceremonies

Ibo Ceremonies

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Wrestling match"The whole village turned on the ilo, men, women and children. They stood round in a huge circle leaving the center of the playground free. the elders and grandees of the village sat on their own stools brought there by their young sons or slaves." (Page 52)"The Igbo traditional wrestling is a very popular sport in the Igbo community. It is a practice and acknowledgement of skill and strength as well as promotion of indigenous language , culture , norms, values, and traditions by young, physically capable Igbo men." (http://www.facts.ng/culture/igbo-traditional-wrestling/ )

Week of Peace"'The earth goddess whom you have insulted may refuse to give us her increase, and we shall all perish'" (Page 38) "The week of peace was one of the means of unification for the clan and appeasement for the gods in control over their crops." (http://eng2dchinuaachebe.blogspot.com/2011/04/week-of-peace.html)

Feast of the New Yam"The Feast of the New Yam was held every year before the harvest began, to honor the earth goddess and the ancestral spirits of the clan." (Page 43)"The feast is held once a year and is observed at a sacred spot. It is held in the sixth month after planting and in some parts is observed on an Nkwọ day only. It is held when the first new yams are available. The seed of which were planted in the first month of the year, in order to be ready in time for the ceremony, whereas the main crops is planted in the second month." (http://kaleidoscope.igbonet.com/culture/yamfestival/oikejiani.html)

Kola nut"'Thank you. He who brings kola brings life. But I think you ought to break it'" (Page 15)"In the ceremony blessing is sought of the yam spirit. Kola nut is produced and standing in front of the 'Alụsị' the petitioner appeals: 'Eat this kola and help the yam in the small farms that, if the rain be too much, they may not drown , and if the rain be too strong, he may not cause them to whither.'" (http://kaleidoscope.igbonet.com/culture/yamfestival/oikejiani.html)


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