Thimble Summer 2

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Thimble Summer 2

"You won't want to miss this summer's enchanting box office hit!"-Paul Johnson, New York TimesYour CREATIVITY has no limits!

Written and Directed byElizabethEnright

Introducing the CastGarnet: This carefree 9 year-old with cute blonde pigtails is adventurous, works in the fields with her dad, and takes on roles only boys did in the 1930s. Her stubbornness, though, is what always gets her into trouble.Jay: This is Garnet's older brother, whom she is very fond of. They have a close connection that most brothers and sisters don't.Mr. Freebody: A good friend of the family is always there for them, during good times and bad. He is more like a caring uncle for Garnet who confronts her when she causes trouble.Eric: He is an orphaned teenager who traveled back and forth across the country by riding coal trains to find a place to call home. One evening he finds himself outside the Linden family's barn. Will this be his new home? Minor Characters: Mama, Papa, Citronella, and the younger brother

"Bravo! Ms. Enright's best work to date!"--Anisa Sahid, Movie Weekly


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