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Chemical Elements

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Key role in Nerve, Muscle, and, heart functions

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

FishPorkNutsSeedsBreadGreen Peas

Squash (Acrons)Asparagus (Cooked)Unrefined GrainsDry Roasted Soy Beans(Edamames)

Helps body change carbs into energy.

What Foods Have Thiamine?

Thiamine or Thiamin is a form of Vitamin B. These chemicals can be found in unrefined grains, beans, and, liver. Thiamine is very important for your body. Without Thiamine you can get life threatening diseases.

What happens at Deficiency and/or Excess?

Deficiency in Thiamine COuld lead to deseases such as Beriberi,wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, cataracts, Alzheimer's disease, heart failure, and depression.

What Causes Deficiency?

It is hard to have an excess of Thiamine. It is considered safe and non-toxic. But doses higher than 100 mg may cause drowsiness or muscle relaxation. Som complain of a burning sensaton when injected.

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One way to get beriberi is by alcoholism and if caught early they can reverse the damage brought on the nerves and heart. But if caught late the brain damage can be permanent. A lot of alcohol makes it hard for the body to absorb thiamin from foods.

A 2 minute video of basiclly what Thiamine is all about


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