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NamesGreek: ThetisRoman: Halosynde(the seafeed, or sea born goddess)Other: a Nereid, sea nymph, the unofficial leader of the Nereids.

SymbolsHer main symbol is seaweed.The Minoan culture includes many images of fish, so she may have been a goddess of fish originally.


DescriptionBirth/Parents: daughter of Nereus and Doris, brought up by Hera, mother of Achilles, and wife of PeleusForms:fire, water, wild beast, squid, sea monster, and many other shapesPowers: she possesed the gift of prophecy, and the ability to change her shape at her own will

Nereids are nymphs of the sea who had the rich bounty of the sea in their hands, and the 50 daughetrs of Nereus.

MythAccording to Greek mythology, Thetis was the mother of Achilles. Zeus and Poseidon both desired Thetis, but there was a prophecy that her son would become greater than his father. The gods arranged for her to marry a mortal named Peleus, but she did not want to marry him. She changed into a sea monster and many other shapes to try to escape, but Peleus held her until she agreed to change back into a woman and marry him. She had six sons and tried to make them immortal by burning them in a fire, but it did not work. Then, she had her seventh son, Achilles, but when Peleus found out that Thetis was about to put Achilles into the fire, he left her. In a later version of the myth, she dipped Achilles into the River Styx to make him immortal. Thetis forgot to wet his heel because that was where she held him. Achilles was later killed during the Trojan War when Paris shot him with an arrow at his heel.

A Painting of Thetis

A Minoan Vase

Thetis and King Peleus

Thetis' Seventh Son, Achilles

Thetis Riding a Hippocamp

SloganThetis, the leader of the Nereids, and mother of a Trojan War hero

Video Description:This video is from the movie Troy about the Trojan War. Achilles goes and sees his mother, like he did in the Iliad, and because of her gift of prophecy she tells him about what will happen in the upcoming war.


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