Therapeutic Cloning

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Therapeutic Cloning



Therapeutic cloning is thetransfer of nuclear materialfrom a cell into an immatureegg cell with the goal ofobtaining embryonic cell linesthat have the same genes asthe nuclear donor.The purpose of therapeutic cloning is to generate and direct the differentiation of specific cell lines from an embryo not intended for transfer in the womb.

Impact on Mankind

Ethical Issues

- Moral status of organisms created by cloning - Getting stem cells - Getting eggs (Health risk for donors; Have to pay donors)Others:- Donor exploitation- Inequitable access- Commodification These issues are not enough to disallow therapeutic cloning altogether. In the end, the interests of the patients outweigh these other concerns.

Social Issues

Future Scope

Public opinion67% allow 30% want to ban3% undecidedHence, Therapeutic Cloning has come in Law

Therapeutic cloning offers broad potential. It has great potential to help many people through the alleviation of disease-related suffering. Advancing this line of biomedical research will be a major step toward greater knowledge of basic stem cell biology, increased understanding of the mechanisms of disease, and the rise of regenerative medicine, all of which have the potential to effect widespread positive impact for patients now and in the future.

Pros of Therapeutic Cloning- Therapeutic Cloning can help create vital organs. This would be helpful for people suffering from kidney and other disorders, who are forced to wait years for a replacement organ- When organs are made out of a patient's own cell, doctors do not have to worry about organ or tissue rejection by the immune system of the patient- Reduces the waiting time for organs and patients then do not risk losing their life while waiting for an organ- Organs would have an exact match of the patient's DNACons of Therapeutic Cloning- Adult cells are limiting, so Therapeutic Cloning relies on stem cells extracted from the embryos. Just a small portion of stem cells are usable- Some cells mutate and cause tumours in patients- In order to cure disease, millions of eggs are needed and currently this type of supply of eggs are not available- Extracting eggs from a female is costly and painful for the woman- The cost of Therapeutic Cloning is very high


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