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Social Studies

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Theories & Strategies

Theory emphasizes how reinforces both positve and negative(stimulus) increase behaviors or decrease behaviors. A student will work to get an A because their parents will buy them an iphone (positive reinforcer). A student will work hard so they don't get a bad grade (negative reinforcer). A student did something bad and got detention (punishment).

*Hold students accountable*give appropriate homework*check for student understanding*create a positive classroom environment*Set clear goals & expectations*Use cooperative learning*challenge students with what they CAN accomplish*monitor student work*give praise and encouragement*value students

Chapter 4 Theories

Behavioral Theory

The actions of the individual is influenced by beliefs and attributions.

In order to achieve self-actualization, a person must first have basic needs met and continue to meet the criteria on the pyramid moving up in order to achieve self-actualization. A person can self-actualize many times in a lifetime.

Needs Theory

Cognitive Theory

What motivates individuals is how they value a goal and their expectations for success.

Social Cognitive Theory

Learning Communities & Student Motivaion

Motivation comes from socialization which also provides identity.

Sociocultural Theory

How to Motivate Students

By: Michelle Trindade


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