Theories and Strategies

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Social Studies

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Theories and Strategies

Recognize and foster student strengths and shape factors that are within your power to change


Behavioral Theory-Focuses on positive and negative reinforcers as well as punishmnet to mold desirable behaviors.

Sociocultural Theory-Focuses on cultural settings as behavioral influences.

Social Cognitive Theory-Focuses on expectation and value placed on reaching a goal.

Needs Theory-Lower(basic) level needs must be satisfied in order to want to meet higher level needs.

Don't over use reinforcers or punishments due to potential of decreasing student motivation


Provide feedback. Focus on positives before explaining negatives

Emphasize flow through challenging activities, critical thought, and clear goals

Cognitive Theory-How individuals understand and reflect on their losses or gains.

Create a positive environment that is perceived as pleasant

Build lessons around relatable topics, focus on intrinsic motivation, and personalize the classroom


Allow a degree of autonomy in the classroom both socially and academically

Facilitate a classroom that is inclusive, copperative, and goal-oriented.


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