Theophilus Eugene Connor

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Theophilus Eugene Connor


"Bull" Connor is taking a trip to hell! Join him, along with a few of his friends: Satan, Osama Bin Laden, and a few members of the KKK!

Theophilus Eugene Connor

July 11, 1897-the day he began his expedition 1934-elected to the Alabama Legislature1937-became commissioner of public safety in Birmingham, position was held on and off until 1961March 10, 1973-he arrives in hell


"Bull" comes from his persistence and entitlement to his opinion


By introducing firehoses and dogs to the segregation movement, some people say it was an act of cruelty and inhumanity. However, he was only trying to do good for the public. You see, some people couldn't afford the transportation to get to a water park or an animal shelter, so he did them a favor by bringing it to them! What a stand up guy!

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Wow! So much class; talk about a good role model. There's definitely no prejudice going on here!

Now that we all know what a great guy Bull Connor was, let's join him in his campaign for segregation and accompany him on his fantastic journey to hell!