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theodore rooslevelt

theodore roosevelt was an author, explorer, historian and more who served as the 26th president. he was part of the republican party and founded the progressive party. he is know for his accomplishments and leadership. after his first wife died he became a ranchar in dakota where he loved to hunt. he returned to new york and became a vice president and then the president when McKinley was assainated.he died at age 60 on january 6, 1919 in his sleep.


Became President.Started to build Panama Canal.Won noble peace prize.Set aside 125 million acres for forest.Created national parks.Asserted foriegn policys.

Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City in October 27,1858. He studied at harvard and then left to run for new york Senate. After serving two years be became a cattle rancher and a sheriff.He became part of the rough riders and led them up san juan hill. In 1900 he became the vice president of the united states. After McKinley died he served as the youngest President.

Post presidency

he traveled and lead expeditions to africa. took his first aiplane ride.


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Theodore Roosevelt


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