Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the best known president of all time. He was known for many, many things such as youngest president, political leader, public speaker, and governor of New York. Theodore, better known as Teddy Roosevelt, was a hero to everybody because he was one of the most famous war leaders of all time. He lead Cuba to freedom. He gave many, many famous public speeches. He believed in what was right all the time.


1. Oct. 27, 1858 Theodore Roosevelt was born 2. Feb. 12, 1884 Roosevelt had his first child.3. Roosevelt gets married to Eidith Carow on December 2, 1886.4. Roosevelt's first son was born on Oct 10, 18895. 1898 Roosevelt becomes Governor of New York6. in 1900, Roosevelt becomes Vice President.7. President McKinley died so Roosevelt steps up to be president on September 14, 19018. Theodore Roosevelt died on Jan 6, 1919.

One of Theodore Roosevelt's accomplishments were how he became the youngest president of the United States in history.Another one of Theodore Roosevelt's accomplishments is when he lead the war to help Cuba win their freedom from Spain.

Lasting Impact

Theodore changed the world because he was the youngest President of all time. Another thing Theodore is known for is his fame in being one of the greatest war leaders of all time.


I got my information from the book called Who Was Theodore Roosevelt? by Michiel Burgan illustrated by Jerry Hoare.




Famous quote

"The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything." Theodore Roosevelt


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