Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York. As a young man, Theodore married a young woman named Alice, who died of kidney disease. He later remarried (Edith) and they had 5 children. After being elected to various local positions in New York, he served as Asst Secretary of the Navy prior to the Spanish American War. After helping bring on the war, he resigned his commission to go fight. His actions earned him the governorship of NY and then a nomination for Vice President. With the assasination of McKinley in 1901, Roosevelt assumed the presidency and went on to serve for another 7 years. He attempted to run again in 1912, but was defeated. He died in 1919.


1898 - Fought in the Battle of San Juan Hill with his own Regiment the "Rough Riders"As Governor and President, he instituted many Progressive reforms including the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug ActCreated the Bull Moose Party and ran in 1912 coming in second, better than any other 3rd party candidate

Lasting Impact

Theodore Roosevelt is responsible for a more active and progressive Federal Government

Theodore Roosevelt



1858 - Born in NY1866 - Married Edith1898 - Spanish/American War1898 - Elected Governor of NY1901 - Becomes President after McKinley's Death1904 - Re elected 1912 - Bull Moose Campaign


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