Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

Born-October 27,1858 -He was home schooled becuse of chronic illness-Graduated from Harvard-Lost his mother and wife on the same day-he droped out of Law school, and went to politics-married second wife in New York/had 5 other chidren with her- so know he had 6 children-1897 apointed US NAVY ASSISTANT SECRATERY-1898 resighned position and formed the Rough Riders(calvary unit) during Spanish American war, and led them, gaining fame after keddle hill attack


Lasting Impact

-Began the construction of the Panama Canal -Helped solve disputes over Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Morocco -Settled a coal strike -Won a Nobel Peace Prize -Created Mesa Verde National Park -Was the first US president to fly in an airplane -Was a New York State Assemblyman, Governor of New York, Vice President, President, Police Commissioner of New York City, US Civil Service Commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and Colonel of the Rough Riders -Founder of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) -President of the American Historical Association -Raised a family of six children -Wrote over thirty five books-Youngest president, at age 42/ 26th president


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1/27/1901 - Became President3/4/1909 -End of Presidential term1906 -Awarded Nobel Peace prize

Theodore Roosevelt

1898- roughriders, a calvary unit in the navy.Broke up monopalies, helping people get better prices at the companies

AKA: TRAKA: Teddy Roosevelt Nickname: "Trust-Buster"

TD'S Rough Riders


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