Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt


Terms of Office-1901-1909


Theodore Roosevelt

(right) Roosevelt and family(left) Roosevelt at age 11


-Took office after the death of President Mckinley.-Created the Square Deal.-Square Deal worked to provide help to people of any class, helped the grownth of workplaces, and consumer protection by regulation of the government.-Grew the US Navy. -Protected over 200 million acres of land from being built on, or damaged by humans.-Signed National Monuments Act to protect wildlife. -Funded the building of the Panama Canal.-Created a "corollary" to Monroe Doctrine that gave America the right to intervene in western troubles such as wars.-Dismissed black soldiers from being accused of having a "shooting rampage."-Stopped Russo-Japenese war. -Won the Nobel Peace Prize for stopping the war.

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When Roosevelt finished his time as president, he went on a long-term, well known trip to Africa and Europe. However, upon his return to America, he became deeply upset by the polices and actions of the new president, President William Howard Taft. As a result, Roosevelt created a new political party, the Bull Moose Party. Roosevelt ran for president again, and while campaiging he was shot, but he recovered. He lost the election, and a couple years later he died in his sleep.

-Born on October 27th, 1824 in New York. -Was "weak" as a child.-During his teen years, he did boxing and weightlifting. -Attended Harvard and Columbia Law School.-Married Alice Lee and had one child.-When Alice died, Roosevelt remarried to Edith Carow-Had 6 children. One with Alice, and 5 with Edith.

During his presidency, Roosevelt did a lot of work with the environment. He conserved million of acres of land with the National Monuments Act. The act is still in effect today, and as a person who believes in the protection of the environment, this makes me fond of Roosevelt. Also, Roosevelt disbelieved in segregation, and supported woman's suffrage. Roosevelt was the first president to have an African-American as a guest in the white house. He also supported an African-American woman who had to deal with racism during work. Additionally, Roosevelt supported woman's suffrage in his, "Bull Moose Party," even though the amendment for it wasn't made until after his death.

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