Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt is not only a hunter he is a politition

Theodore Roosevlt gathered a group of friends for a Spain-Cuba war. They were fighting because Cuba wasn't getting treated fairly. Theodore Roosevlt thought everyone should be treated fairly so he fought with the Cubans. The group was called the Rough Riders. The Rough Riders attacked San Juan Hill. That same attack won the war with Cuba.

Theodore was a author,a cowboy, a hunter, a police commissonner, a civil service commissioner, and a president.

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest leaders in American history. He was a great president and he saved a lot of land (9,300 acres) and protected wild life from pollution. He was a war hero and built one of the largest navys in the world when he was president. He died January 6th 1919.

He was born on October 27th, 1858 in New York City Roosvelt was frail child with very bad athsma but he lifted weights and wasn't frail. But, he still had athsma.

Theodore Roosvelt and John Muir traveled to Alaska and saved a lot of wild life that was going to be cut down.

Theodore Roosvelt wanted land and people would get treated right an example is he attacked mean businesses and saved 9,300 km of land.


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    Do you know what his friends names were?

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    Very good job on explaining everything and proofreading your work.

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    i thought it was interesting that he protected the wild life.

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    I really liked the information about Theodore Roosevelt.