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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt was the vice president under William Mckinley. When Micknley was shot September 14, 1901, Roosevelt became president. At the age of 42, he became the youngest president of the time.


December 3, 1901, President Roosevelt gave his first message to congress. He requested that the government should perseve wilderness and natural resources. He said it was "for the use and benefit of our people as a whole."

Roosevelt shocked financiers on Wall Street, NY with his approval to put in motion the law suit against Northern Securities. J.P. Morgan, the finacier, had investsed excessive amounts of money into Northern Securities. Morgan had tooken Roosevelts action personally. The U.S. government won the law suit and Roosevelt became know as the "trust buster".

Theodore Roosevelt created 51 Federal Bird Reservations. His first Federal Bird Reservation was open on Pelican Island. Theodore Roosevelt signed an executive order which allowed this 3-acre island to become a safe sanctuary for this wildlife. Pelican Island became known as the first National Wildlife Refuge.


On May 12, 1902, coal miners went on stirke demanding higher wages and an eight hour work day. Then, on October 3, 1902, Roosevelt held a meeting with representatives of the United Mine Workers. He talked about the worries the strike gave the American people, but this still didn't change their mind. Finally Roosevelt decided that he had to take desperate measures by threatning to send in military forces. The miners agreed to compromise and the strike ended October 23,1902.

In 1906, Upton Sinclair published a novel about the horrible conditions of the meatpacking houses in Chicago called The Jungle. After reading this book Roosevelt took action and organized an investigation of the packinghouses. The investigations produced the Meat Inspection Act and later the Food and Drug Act.


Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese War with the Portsmouth Treaty. With this treaty both sides could have some what of a win. Russia didn't have to pay Japan for the war coasts and Japan now claimed Korea.


The United States makes an agreement with Japan to slow down the imigration rate of Japanese laborers. In return they wanted the desegregation of San Francisco's public schools. The Japanese agreed to this in order to bypass a Japanese version of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

President Roosevelt sends the "Great White Fleet", which consisted of sixteen new battleship, around the world. These battleships were painted white instead of the regular gray color. The voyage that lasted fourteen months showed off a great deal of American sea power. They had 14,000 saliors and covered 43,000 miles.

William Howard Taft beacomes the 27th preident and Theodore Roosevelt retires as one of the most popular American Presidents.


1907Paul Cornu invents the first helicopter.

1907Auguste and Louis Lumire inveneted color photography.


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