[2014] Khalil Dingle: Theodore Roosevelt

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[2014] Khalil Dingle: Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858. As a kid, he would would take mice into his house and his maids would toss the dead ones out the window. He was home schooled because he sickly and had asthma when he was child, his illnesses encouraged his like of animals. Roosevelt knew every bird in the state of New York. His love of hunting animals teaches others how to not be afraid of things that are bigger than you. He became known for his hunting skills; he killed many large and small animals such as aligators, elephants and buffalo. In 1880, Rooselvet signed up for Columbia Law School and married his first wife Alice Hathaway Lee. His first wife and his mother died the same day. He married his second wife, Edith Kermit Carow, in 1886. After he married Edith, he worked as a New York police commissioner and the Assistant U. S. Navy Secretary. In 1898, Roosevelt he won the race for the Governor of New York and led the Battle up San Juan Hill where he was nominated the Medal of Honor. He did not let the sad things that happened in his life stop him from being successful. He continued to reach his goals even though a lot of sad things happened.Theodore Roosevelt helped fight against racial decrimination for Minnie Cox, a postal worker. He was the first president to invite an African American, Booker T. Washington to the White House. He was not afraid to give African Americans a chance. He helped many African Americans to fight against racial descrimination.

President Rooselvet made preservation laws, which preserved 200 million acres of national forests and parklands. Many of the national forest and parklands can be viewed from Mount Rushmore, where Rooselvelt's image is carved in his memory. He wanted to preserve the national forests because they are national treasures. He was very concerned about the environment, he wanted to preserve nature so that humans did not destroy it.

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1858 - Roosevelt Birth Year.1880 - Roosevelt enrolled in Columbia Law School and married Alice Hathaway Lee. 1884- Roosevelt left his infant daughter in New York after he broke down when his mom and wife died on the same day; Rooselvelt went to the Dakota Territory and became a cowboy.1886 - After Roosevelt lost the New York city mayorship, he married his second wife Edith Kermit Carow1898 - Elected Governer of New York1901 - After President McKinley was assassinated; Roosevelt took over the presidency.1912 - In addition, he was shot while doing a speech; he continued speaking for 90 minutes before seeing a doctor.

This book was amazing; I learned so much about Theodore Roosevelt's life and his beliefs. The Book about Theodore Roosevelt showed me that people should not hurt anything that is smaller then them. When he had a chance to kill a bear cub that climbed a tree, he choose to walk away. He refused to kill the bear cub because the cub could not protect itself. I recommend that junior high students read this book because it is easy to read and packed with a lot of important information about Rooselvelt's life. I give this book 5 stars.

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Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt's Life



Roosevelt's Video

Title: Theodore Rooselvet: Champion of the American SpiritAuthor: Besty Harvey KraftPublisher: Clarion Book, New YorkLiterary Style: Narrative

Plot Description:Before President Roosevelt became president he did not get along with his political party, the Republicans. The Republicans did not like his ideas so they named him as Vice President. However, when President McKinley was assassinated he became the next person in line to be president. In 1901, he became the youngest president of the United States at the age of 42. He used his presidency to help with passing laws that everyone did not agree with. He helped with the civil rights movement and supported women's right to vote.


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