Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore RooseveltPresident #261901-1909By: Kieran Bash


Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in New York. He was a sick kid, so his dad suggested that he exercised more. He did and he became a strong kid who liked to go outside. Teddy went to Harvard University and then he went to study the law of Columbia. He then got into politics and h even won a seat in the New York state legislative. In 1901, President McKinley was assassinated so Teddy ran for president and hw won. He made trusts that enabled other trusts. That earned him the nickname the "Trust Buster". In 1919 Teddy died when his health failed.

Significant Dates

1.1880-Married on October 27th, 1880 to his first wife Alice Hathaway Lee 2.1895-Assistant Secretary pof the Navy 3.1898-Became Governer of New York 4. 1901-Became Vice President(under McKinley) 5.1901-Elected for President 6.1906-Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize 7.1909-No longer is President

Lasting Impact

Roosevelt was known as the first modern president. He was the Icon of the American Century and the Rough Rider of the White House. Today people now love Teddy Roosevelt to this day.


Theodore was most known for leading the Rough Riders in a battle in Cuba and his conversarion accomplishments. His acts earned him the nickname the "Trust Buster". One of his first notable moves was the National Reclamation of 1902 which established irrigation projects in the west.

Fun Facts

1. As a child, Roosevelt witnessed Lincoln's funeral 2. He had a really, REALLY good memory 3. He was the first president to win the Nobel Peace Pize 4. Roosevelt had one blind eye in a boxing injury 5. His mom and his first wife died on Valentine's Day in 1884


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