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Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer

Theodore Boone Kid LawyerBy John Grisham

"The rules are the rules"(Grisham 129)

Theo had gone to the court room and raced to the balcony, where he met ike and they decided to go talk about the case and what they would do. Ike said there where 3 options, do nothing, get Julios cousin to testify, or tell the judge there is a crucial witness with out revealing his identity. Theo didnt like any but would think about it. Theo was at home when Julio came over to talk again. Julio told him that there are police at the golf course and his cousin thinks Theo told someone. But there was one more thing, Julio had gotten the golf gloves the murderer had worn and gave them to Theo. He told Theo that later on the 14th whole the man threw them away and Julios cousin found them taking the trash out and kept them. Theo went to bed and the next day went straight to Ike and told him about the gloves. Durring school that day Theo was called out by Ike. Ike said that the only thing left to do was to tell Theo's parents everything, so they did. Theo had no choice and he decided that the only thing left was to tell the judge the whole story. Then Theo finnally told them why Julios cousin was scared, because he is an illegal immagrant and then they figured out whos cousin it was. They all went to see the Judge. They had to wait till lunch to see him. When lunch came around they all sat down with the Judge and told them everything about Julio's cousin and the murder and that Mr. Duffy was guilty and after hearing this the Judge said there would be 30 minutes added on to the break. The Boones then went to tell the Judge why they couldnt reveal who this witness was. The judge agreed to try and help them but the case was suppossed to end the next day.

Theodore boone was an only child, his parents were both buissy lawyers. Theo had 2 dreams, to be a great lawyer or a judge. One of theos closest friends was April Finnemore. One day before school Theo went to the court house to talk to the judge about allowing his class to go on a feild trip. The judge said yes and as he was leaving the judge askem him what he thought about the Duffy trail and if he thought Mr. Duffy is guilty.Theo went on and told him that he thought that he was guilty of murder. Theo then left and went to school. Durring his government class he explained what was going to happen at the trail the next day on their feild trip. The trail was about a man named Mr. Duffy. He claims that he is innocent and that he didnt murder his wife. Theos parents owned their own lawfirm, and Theo went there after school. Theo's father told him that Theo was only alowed to go to the first day of the trail. Theo went dopwn stairs where he was greated by the receptionist Elsa. Theo was waiting when a friend came into his parents office and he now had a little case of his own. A friend of his asked him what foreclosure ment and Theo explained it and told his friend how to help his parents and get out of foreclosure, and how to keep their house. Theo worked along side his parents, doing paper work, running errands, and talking to some clients even to help them. The Duffy case was one of the first murder trials in a long time. The only problem was that there was no evidence, or proof that Mr. Duffy was even at the scene durring the murder, making this a one sided trial, even though most people thought he was guilty. The next day, the trial began, The state vs. Peter Duffy. The case was about whether if Mr. Duffy murdered Myra Duffy (his wife) or not. She was found dead by her sister at the Duffy residency. On the day of the murder Mr. Duffy was playing golf that day just like every other day. Mr. Hogan was the prosecutor trying to prove Mr. Duffy guilty of murder. He stated that Mr. Duffy needed money, and that is the sole reason he murdered his wife because his wife had a 1 million dollar life insurance policy and Mr. Duffy was going broke, and their marraige wasnt a happy one so Mr. Duffy wouldnt care if something happened to his wife. The majority of the Jurry, after Mr. Hogans case, belived Mr Duffy was guilty. Next Clifford Nance went to defend his client. His main statement, and the only statement he really needed was that there was absolutely no evidence. After his statements, Theos class was asked if they thought that Mr. Duffy was guilty or not, as if they where the jurry. 10 thought guilty, 5 thought not guilty, and Theo didnt vote because he knew he was guilty but he didnt know how the state would prove him guilty. The trail came to a pause and ended for the day.

Theo ate dinner at a soup kitchen every tuesday. His dad after dinner would set up a little desk and help homeless people with some of their problems, and his mother would do the same, just in private.Theos job was to help the youger kids with homework and stuff like that. After the soup kitchen they went home and Theo pretended to be sick so he could stay home from school the next day and go to the court house but it didnt work. The next day Theo went to school and his friend Julio stopped him and told him he might know something about the Duffy trial and that he would tell him at lunch, but Julio couldnt be found when lunch came around. Theo snuck out to the court room to listen to the trial and when he got there Julio was there watching. Theo went to his office and started his homework when a Julio knocked on his door to talk to him. Julio asked Theo for some advice about Julio's cousin, who is from El Salvadore, and he works at the Golf couse that Mr. Duffy golfs at. Julio said that his cousin saw a man verre of from the course and enter in the back patio of the house where Mrs. Duffy was murdered. Julio said that before the man entered the house he put on a secound glove (he was wearing one while golfing), and not long after the man entered the house he then came back out stuffed both gloves in his bags and left. His cousin later figured out he watched the murder take place because police showed up. He didnt tell anybody though because he is an illegal immigrant so if the police figured out he would be sent back to El Salvadore. So his cousin told Julio everything and wanted to figure out the court system so that is why Julio told Theo. Theo then had to figure out all the facts so he had to meet Julio's cousin, and they met at the shelter. His cousin didnt show for a while though so they decided to call him. But right as they called, his cousin knocked on the door. They went over and discussed what had happened the day of the murder, and that he was pretty sure it was Mr. Duffy and that he was positive that the clothes the man was wearing was the clothes Mr. Duffy was wearing. Theo went to his uncle Ike for help and told him there was a witness of the murder, the only problem with this was that the case was coming to a close soon and the only way to stop Mr. Duffy from walking away a free man was by getting the judge to declair a mistrial. But the next day there was almost no chance of stoping the trial and Mr. Duffy was going to walk away free.Theo then went to help his friend get their dog back from court, witch he did sucessfully without any fines.

They all went back to the court room. Mr. Nance then said a few final statements to try and sway the jury. Pete Duffy now was the last person to testify before the jury would decide guilty, or innocent. Right at the end of his testimony he broke down into tears. Next they took a break. Lastly Mr. Hogan went up to cross-examen Mr. Duffy. Hogan was able to portray "Duffy as a cash-statved wheeler-dealer" (Grisham 213) but it was still a stretch. The Judge stopped the case and said it would resume monday morning. The next day the Boones went to play golf at the course that Mr. Duffy had played at. There, Theo's dad told Theo the plan, to buy Julios fanily an apartment and get Julios cousin to move in with them, so that he can gain legal status within 2 years, then after he moves in get him to come forward and testify. The next day they took the Pena family (Julios family) to a baseball game and talked to them about the appartment. Julio finally told Theo his cousins name, Robert Escobar, but he likes to be called bobby, and then Theo told him the plan to make him legal, Theo just had to talk to Bobby tonight. They met at the carousel, and Bobby ended up staying at Theos house. That night at the Boone office the Judge came over to talk to them. Then the Boone family showed the judge exactly where everything took place on an aerial photo they projected onto a large screen. After talking about it, the judge agreed that if he talked to Bobby, Bobby would not be arrested or prosecuted. The judge then went and talked to Bobby. The judge showed Bobby a picture of Mr. Duffy and imediately Bobby knew that was the man he saw the day of the murder. Monday arrived and the trial was coming to an end, at least most people thought so. When everyone arrived the judge declaired the trail a mistrial, Meaning charges will be dropped for now, but another trial will be held soon. Lastly Theo went back to school just to help out the principle with a problem she had with the law, and he did it sucessfully once again.

"The real professionals... never lose their cool and carry grudges"(Grisham 85)

"Thanks to Theo, a bad verdict had been avoided"(Grisham 260)

Chapter 1 - 6

Chapter 7 - 11

Chapter 12 - 17

Chapter 18 - 22

"Justice had been preserved"(Grisham 260)


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