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Theme:Friendship opens up unlimited possibilities

TO KILL a Mockingbird

scout and walter 's friendship had safe atticus' life when atticus was surround by 20 menster yourself

"dont you remember me Mr.Cunningham?i go to school with walter,"he's in my grade" and he does right well. he's a good boy"

Dill's friendship between Jem help Dill learn something that he never know how to do

jem had dicovered with angry amazement that no body had ever bothered to teach dill how to swim.a skill jem considered as they spent 2 afternoon at the creek"

scout's friendship between miss maudie had support her when scout say she want to be a lady.

Miss Maudie's hand touched mine and i answerer mildly enough,'nome, just a lady

my friend grew up with me since i was six. he had taught me many thing that i never think i could do, and he help me to solve many problems.


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