Theme: Money and One's Personal Image

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Theme: Money and One's Personal Image

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"By: Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer is not know as the Model Boy in his village he's more seen as a troublemaker even in his own home! Tom is a poverty-stricken boy so he only dresses nice on weekends for church. When he sees a boy who's dressed nice on a Friday, he assumed that boy was rich or at least a way higher class than he was (page 4). When Tom looks from the boy to himself, he starts seeing that his clothes is shabby and each time he looks at the boy he feels shabbier. Tom has very few clothing, he has the clothing is wears all the time and "the other clothes" which is his nice clothes that he wears to church or nice occasions. While Tom is white washing his fence, he takes advantage of little boys by trading them with their "goods" with white washing. He tells every one that white washing is fun just so they would white wash the fence for him. Tom's type of rich is goods that he can trade with other kids. That gives the reader an example that he is poor. In Tom's house, it seems like he gets in trouble all the time. When he finally sees something that Sid could get in trouble for, Tom gets in trouble instead. Sid tried getting sugar and instead knocked over the whole thing. Tom sees that and tries to get Sid in trouble, but instead Tom gets licked instead. "He said to himself, "Now it's coming!" And the next instant he was sprawling on the floor! The potent palm was uplifted to strike again when Tom cried out: "Hold on, now, what 'er you belting me for? - Sid broke it!"" (page 16)

Theme: Money and One's Personal Image'By: Alena

Huckleberry Finn is looked down upon by people because his dad is the town's drunkard and he was idle, lawless, and vulgar. Every child adored him because he had his own free will and every mother hated him because their children's admiration for him. Tom Sawyer was one of the people that admired him and was not allowed to play with Huck, but he played with him everytime he could. Huck was the juvenile pariah in the village and he could do anything he please. Huck had no one to teach him the right things like all the other children do. He was independent, but not very responsible. Huck wore cast off clothes like a grown man with rags fluttering everywhere. His hat was lopsided and if he ever wore a coat, it would reach his heels. Huck wore suspenders, but only one suspender supported his trousers. Everyone could see he had no one to take care of him. Huck's juvenile ways were probably caused by his lack of learning the right things because he never had a parent to take care of him and he had no one to stop him from doing the wrong thing.

Later in the book, Tom Sawyer, Joe Harper, and Huckleberry Finn decide to run away and become pirates. All three set asail on a raft to seach for treasure. They landed on an island and started searching for treasure all through the island and made shelter there. They all ran away from home because they all wanted better lives. After a while, they started getting home sick. Tom one night, went to see his Aunt to tell her that they were okay, but he decided against it, but did visit her. Mrs. Harper was over at the house and they were talking about their beloved son/nephew being lost or dead. Tom started getting really home sick, but left anyways. Tom heard that if they weren't back by Sunday night, there would be a funeral for all three of them because everyone would believe that they were all dead. Once Huck and Joe were getting so home sick that they were going to go home together, Tom got an idea and they both stayed with him. On Sunday, right when they were about to have the funeral, all three headed home and showed up to their own funeral. Everyone was surprised and happy to see that they were still alive and nothing happened to them. The boys ran away because they wanted to make money by finding treasure. They didn't want to live poverty-stricken anymore and it's because they felt like they weren't loved by anyone at their home and they thought they didn't need the people at home, but they were wrong. All three thought that everything would be better if they were rich, but at the end of the book when the Widow Douglas brought Huck into her home, he couldn't stand having money because he didn't have his own free will and he wasn't independent anymore. Huck wasn't allowed to wear the same thing everyday, he had to change and shower and wasn't allowed to get dirty. ""Like it! Yes-the way I'd like a hot stove if I was to set on it long enough. No, Tom, I won't be rich, and I won't live in them cussed smothery houses. I like the woods, and the river, and hosheads, and I'll stick to 'em too. Blame it all! just as we'd got guns, and a cave, and all just fixed to rob, here this dern foolishness has got to come up and spile it all!"" (page 182) Huck's talking about how he doesn't want to be rich. He just wants to live in the woods and live his typical lifestyle where he doesn't have to worry about what he wears and he won't have to wear the nice clothes Widow Douglas is making him wear now.

Mark Twain uses a type of humor called satire. Why is this important? It's a type of humor that Twain uses to make fun of things in the world that we accept without really thinking about it. Mark Twain uses this kind of humor in his books and he especially uses it in this book. Mark Twain was using Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as his people to use this humor on. They both wanted to be rich so they went and tried to get rich by looking for treasure and becoming pirates. Then, by the end of the book, Tom decides to become a robber with the rest of his boys and tells Huck that he needs to be "civilized" to be robber because Huck says that he can't stand being rich, but Tom saying that gets Huck to stay with Widow Douglas. That's satire because when they were "pirates" they didn't have to be civilized at all and they were just trying to make money, but now that they were rich and people knew them, they all had to be civilized just to be a robber. The change of attitude between the time they were poor to the time they were rich changed because when they were poor they were looking for money and wanted a different life, now that they were rich, they had to be more civilized because they weren't really a no body anymore. Twain used this example because he lived a poor and rich life also. He could see the difference between the way people treated him when he was poor and when he was rich. This book is kind of the way he saw things when he was either poor or rich and this showed his point of view. Another book that Mark Twain wrote with a co writer, Charles Dudley Warner, is The Gilded Age and it's another book about the different ways money can change people. A screenwrtier compared The Gilded Age to Hollywood in a metaphor. The metaphor was used because if someone is either directing, acting, singing, or trying to sell their land. people are just trying to make money, just like Huck and Tom. Twain could have used The Golden Age instead of The Gilded Age, but there's a difference. The Golden Age is when everything is perfect and The Gilded Age is when it just looks golden, but it really isn't. People don't really see the difference. Mark Twain uses his writing to show people what's going on in the world that we don't see.



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