Thematic Unit

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Thematic Unit

Kesha PrinceThematic Unit Presentaion6th Grade ELA

Courageous Characters: With an emphasis on Characteristics

My main goals:• Students will be able to explain how elements of a story work together like character traits. • Students will be able to identify a theme in a text, how it is developed, and how to summarize the information learned.• Students will be able to use reading skills such as analyzing cause and effect, they will be tested on Cause and Effect through a quiz: reaching an 80% or better will be considered as goal being met. • To explore character traits• To make connections betwee passages• To write an essay responding to literature

Integration...I integrated Social Studies, Science, and Math in to my unit through articles that all had different characteristics in the article. They were seperated in to groups based on reading level and as a group they highlighted the characteristics of the article they were given. * The story that we read as a class, President Cleveland, Where are you, also integrated Social Studies because it was set during the Great Depression and included information about Presidents.





I took the time to look through my curriculum map and see that Courageous Characters was the topic next for the students to learn. However, a person of any age is not able to recognize who a courageous character is without knowing what the characteristics of courage entail. So, I focused this Thematic Unit on What a character trait is, how to recognize it, and how it can be found in all types of media.

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