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Step 1: Thinking about the Prompt (Brainstorming)On a sheet of paper, write down some characteristics about Joe, Logan and Tea Cake using the four criteria below for each man. Personality:How they treat Janie:How Janie feels about them:Their financial status:

Step 3: Finding a QuoteThen, look through chapters 1-12 to find a good quote. A quote does not have to be dialogue. A quote should be picked carefully. You don't want to pick a quote that you can easily re-phrase or isn't that important. The quote you pick should shine a light on the relationship between Janie and one of her husbands.

Step 2: Writing a Topic SentenceNext, decide how you can incorporate those four criteria into a topic sentence. Make sure you mention in the topic sentence that there are similarities and differences between each relationship.

Step 5: Organizing Your ParagraphLastly, write your paragraph on a Word Document/Open Office Document. Write your topic sentence first then fill in the details from step 1. Make sure you end your paragraph with a summarizing sentence. Make sure your paragraph is at least 7 sentences and do not forget to proofread!

Step 4 : Citing a QuoteWhen citing a quote, use " " and put the author's last name with the page number in parentheses. Example:"Then Joe Starks realized all the meanings and his vanity bled like a flood." (Hurston 79)



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