The Holocaust

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Social Studies
Jewish History

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The Holocaust

The EndingAfter the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, it forced the U.S. to go into war and join the allies. One by one the allies began to liberate the camps and slowly take Hitler out of power. In 1945, Germany was defeated by Russia and the U.S. Germany was then forced to surrender and the allies took over and occupied the country. Hitler then committed suicide before the allies had a chance to catch him. After this all the prisoners moved to different places and started new lives.

The CampsAll families were seperated when taken into the concentration camps. The camps were made up of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and handicapped. In these camps they were forced to do harsh labor, and some even got put into the gas chambers.

How it StartedThe Holocaust started around 1933 went Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. He decided that when he was elected that something needed to change in Germany. He felt that he needed to elimanate the inferior races and give the Germans a chance to be superior. After Hitler was elected, a ton of viscious propoganda was produced that was against the Jewish people and most of it said "The Jews are our misfortune!". After this was when the horrible times of the Holocaust began.

The Holocaust

Ghettos A ghetto is where a minority group lives, and in this case it was the Jewish people. The purpose of the ghettos was to isolate the Jewish people from the society because they were believed to be aliens due to their non-christian beliefs.

Auschwitz Auschwitz was a complex of concentration camps that was in Poland. This was the biggest site of all the camps which killed millions of people.

Barracks Which were where the prisoners were forced to stay

one of the survivors of the Holocaust

Introduction video to the Holocaust



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