[2015] Tracy Choppla (IBT-5): Theft Line

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[2015] Tracy Choppla (IBT-5): Theft Line

A 19 year old getting her identity stolen isn't normal, for adults, yea, but a 19 near old girl who just started her life something isn't right. A girl named Axton Betx- Hamiliton didn't know that her identity was stolen until someone asked her to pay a $100 deposit to the bank. She immenditly asked for her credit report and in that report her whole life sharttred into debt. she found out that her family was alos victims of identity theft. Her farther found an blue box out side the bulinding. In that box was a credit card of a their great grand mother and they find out that there suspect was their own mother mother who is cookin, nursing, and keeping them safe.

Theft protectionTracy choppla

Identify Theft!There is more than one way for people to steal your identity. It's not strenuous but it is a vast conflict everywhere in the states. Not just ordinary people get their identies stolen, your favortie celebrity might have their identies stolen as well. So, in life it's just easy to get your identies protected and know when and how your identie is stolen. As they say it's better to be safe than not at all.The simplest way for a person to steal your identity is obvisously talking. You might not release it but you are giving your suspect some clues. The second and most popular one is online. The one every single person that is obsessed with it. The more information you share online the more information you are giving the easier it is for your suspect. Some of the methods are SMishing, hacking and malware. The first thing that you have to do if identity theft occurs is put a farud alert to your credit report. Then, you can close any and all kinds of accounts that have be stolen. Then contact the police and file a report and then your final step would be if the police dosen't work report a file in FTC.They are a lot of consequences if your identity gets stolen. The foremost would be that your suspect or criminal could use any and all of the things your suspect stole from you. He/she could use your credit cards, take out loans, buy credit cards, and spend your money as they wish. There's no stopping once your suspect has your personal information. There's just moving forward.

Theft Line


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