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Theatre Silent film

Silent Films

History of Silent FilmsSilent movies began around 1895.When they began, the directors would film the entire movie without stopping, because they didn't know how to edit. In 1901, Edwin S. Porter discovered that you could cut parts of movies and place them together. Eventually, there was a better way for editing. A cameraman would stop cranking during filming, and that would allow for a scene change or whatever other edits they needed to make. The first real movie editing system was the Moviola, invented in 1924.

Interesting Aspects of Silent Film Movie theaters sometimes used pianists, organists, and other sound machines to provide sound and a lot of movies had full musical scores. Most early silent films had a full orchestra providing musical background. On average, production companies made three movies a week.Only a few actors or actresses had stunt doubles.

Famous Actors/Actresses in Silent FilmHarold Lloyd was born in 1893. He was one of the very first romantic-comedy actors as well as the very first actor to portray an everyday guy. He made over 200 films, more than Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton combined.Max Linder was born in 1883. He greatly inspired silent movie greats, and he was known to create the classic silent movie slapstick comedy. Louise Brooks was born in 1906 and was mainly known for her 'scandalous' bobbed haircut. She was most famous for her role in Pandora's Box, but only appeared in 25 movies.Mabel Normand was a great female comedy actress who was born in 1892. She worked with all the silent movie legends, and directed some of her own films.

Silent Movie ClassicsA Cottage on Dartmoor: This film was made in 1929. It starred Uno Henning and Norah Baring. The basic story line is this: Joe works at a barbershop, and loves Sally who loves Harry. Joe becomes obsessed with Sally, and fights Harry, slashing him with a knife. Joe gets sent to prison, but eventually breaks out and shows up at Harry and Sally’s house. Sally hides Joe, because she pities him, and Harry decides to help Joe with his escape. Before he escapes, Joe intentionally gets caught and dies in Sally’s arms. Hardluck: This film stars Buster Keaton, and was made in 1921. In the film, Buster is an unlucky guy who decides to end his life when he loses his girlfriend and his job. He tries to kill himself and fails repeatedly. He becomes confident through fishing and hunting but when he becomes overconfident, he misses the pool diving off of a high dive and falls into a hole. Years later, he climbs out of the hole dressed in asian-garb followed by a Chinese wife and two children.

Influence of Silent Films Silent films forced actors and actresses to be more than just good-looking, they also had to be talented. This continues to be the trend in modern times.Also, sound technicians and cameramen had to be better at their jobs than before.Silent films also connected people of all different social classes and lifestyles together, and this is still the case today. Movies, beginning with the silent films made in the early 1900's unite people and build a society that all can connect with.



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