Theatre 100 Hair Musical

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Theatre 100 Hair Musical

HAIR: The Musical Abigail & Ashley Theatre 100

Theme Song

London's Old Vic

1968 Production

1993 Production

History of Hair ProductionHair premiered at Bilmore Theater in April of 1967 and after a successful debut it opened on Broadway in 1968 and ran for 1750 performances and it was know as the tribal love rock musical. The 1968 original cast recording received a Grammy award for best score from an original cast show album.

Plot SummaryThe plot takes during the 1960’s in a park. A young man by the name of Claude who is from Oklahoma, but now currently resides in Queens, New York City becomes friends with a group of hippies. While doing so, he meets a woman by the name of Sheila who he falls in love with. She is from a completely different type of family then his. Claude and Sheila have a great, happy relationship, and then Claude gets drafted into the Veterans War so there relationship ceased.

Shaftesbury theatre

1968 Production

Broadway's Biltmore theatre

2009 Production

Song Poster

Al Hirschfeld theatre


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