[2015] Aubree Williams (Nelson 3): Theater Jobs, scenic designer

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[2015] Aubree Williams (Nelson 3): Theater Jobs, scenic designer

Set made by the artist

Education Needed

Image of the artist

Responsiblities of Painters


Set Designer

Heidi Ettinger is an American theatre producer and set designer. She studied at Occidental College and the Yale School of Drama. She was the first woman to win a Tony Award for set design, which she won for the musical Big River

Build anything needed to make the show come to life and to help the audience beliveve that they are in the play themselves, and they are responsible for buying their own supplies, and making the producers dream become a reality

Need to attend art school for atleast 2 years, have a good understanding of arthistorty, color theory, and architecture ♥

Set designers usually make $51,600 per show but can be varied between shows and producers. ☺

Set Designers are a very important part in theater because they create the wholeplace and setting of plays and help the audience feel as if they are actually there inside the show.

Why I Choose Set Design

Example of Set by the Artist

Job descriptionTo create the set to a theatrical play or tv show, at the wishes of the director/ producer


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