Theater 1010: Greek Chorus

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Theater 1010: Greek Chorus

Samantha StewardTheater 1010

Greek Chorus

Extra Facts>Chorus expressed fears and secrets of characters>Non-individualized group>May also include acting, narrating, singing, and dancing

Greek Theater Chorus>Western theater pioneers>Greek Chorus adds to dramatic effect>Help tell story in which they are in, also known as the conscience>Some wore masks to create an unidentified group>Smaller chorus's might have had a actor in the play as a smaller character

Greek Theater Chorus>Storytelling device>Highlights important parts from the scene>Similar to a narrator>May also sing odes, instead of speaking>Creates imagery for the audience to help carry out suspense of what is to come>Changes perspective of the audience

Contemporary Theater Chorus>Use song and dance to highlight important parts in a scene>Songs are used to present important themes>Chorus may also adapt roles for other characters in play>Storytelling aspect also

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