The Zookeepers Wife

by erinstrange
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The Zookeepers Wife

"Thou shalt love the future of your volk above all else." Pg.85- this helped antonina to decide to save the Jews.

"Antonina stared down into the book until it's letters began jumping before her eyes, unable to speak or move holding the books open wings." Pg.96-the only way antonina could express her feelings was by writing.

"It wasn't a death sleep but a hibernation." Pg. 98- antonina couldn't face the fact that all of her animals died so it's what she told herself.

"Not long ago the world looked on the dark ages with contempt for it brutality yet here it is again in full force a lawless sadism unpolished by all charms of religion & civilization." Pg.103- Antonina is raged with how this was all happening in their time.

The ZooBy: Marena Olger FrightenedFrozen in my stepsEverything went slow.Frightened,With the sound of firecrackersWalls being bombedAnything moving fell.Frightened,Animals running from fearWatching what i love disappear in dust.Animals dropping,Bodies fleeing,My zooWent with them

Jan holding a monkey

Antonina before the bombing.



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