The Yuan Dynasty!

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The Yuan Dynasty!

Genhis Khan was a very important person to the history of the Yuan Dynasty. Genhis, was a fierce leader of the military in china. Him and his army were feared by everyone that they traveled by due to the destruction he causes as they travel. Although he had a very strong heart for fighting, he became a influential person to China and the Yuan Dynasty. He gave China a strong government and alot of different influences. Due to him, much of China had an increase in trade and alot of businesses were able to become profitable. All in all, Genghis might've been a fierce leader of war, but under all of that was a great influence to increase china's stability and way of life.


1260 - Kublai, takes place as the Great Khan1271 - Yuan Dynasty established1273 - Change To Paper Money1294 - Kublai's death

The Yuan Dynasty accomplished much during its time such as the invention of the compass,use of paper money, and the use of porcelain in art. Many of these are very major accomplishments because they all made a advanced culture for china. Also these accolades gave more info into what the future could hold and how many things could be used for the great of humankind.

Lasting Impact

The Yuan Dynasty was a lasting dynasty due to the way the Kublai led and the culture he made for China. Kublai kept many traditions for China and enhanced many things such as the buddhist establishments, they rose to 42,000! Also things were introduced to china such as an advanced, efficient transportation and communication system.


this dynasty could cause you to be attacked and/or punished severely for small offences.

The Yuan Dynasty!



The Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan Dynasty was formed from a Mongol Empire that invaded China and took over. The Yuan Dynasty ruled from 1271 - 1368


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