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The young elites

The Young ElitesBy:  Marie LuGlog By: Amanda McCormick


A young 16 year old girl named Adelina Amouteru discovers herself in a prison cell on the accusation that she has killed her father, Sir Martino Amouteru. In her heart, Adelina knows of the problematic relationship because her sister Violetta and their father. Regardless of this, Adelina recalls the way her father nearly sold her causing her to run from him. In time, Martino checks up to Adelina causing them to fight. Martino crashes off his horse and dies. What will the jury think of Adelina's defense? Find out in the Young Elites by Marie Lu.


A major theme of the Young Elites happens to be proving yourself. This takes up many meanings as Adelina must prove herself to others but to herself as well. Not only is Adelina proving herself but the book also shows instances of another character, Teren attempting to prove himself to others


Sir Martino AmouteruAdelina AmouteruVioletta AmouteruEnzo ValencianoTeren SantoroDante SpiderRaffele the Messanger

The setting of our story takes place in the imaginary countrires of Dalia and Kenettra

I believe I would recommend this book to teenagers, boys and girls alike, within my age range, perhaps 13 - 17. This book is an exciting read filled with twists and turns that leaves the reader yearning for more. Personally, I heavily enjoyed this book.



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Point of View

This story is set into the first person told from the point of view from our heroine Adelina Amouteru and how she sees the story fall out.


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