The Yellow Wallpaper

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The Yellow Wallpaper

How are women's ROLES CHANGING?(The Yellow Wallpaper)

Direct Quotes1. You see he does not believe I am sick! 2. And what can one do?3. and am absolutely forbidden to "work" until I am well again.4. Personally, I disagree with their ideas. Personally, I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do me good.5. I kept on creeping just the same, but I looked at him over my shoulder.

At that time, women do not have much rights. Although they could get jobs, but they are not allow to go through education like men did.

Quote 5

Important When the narrator felt sick and she told her husband, a physician, about that, he would not believe that. At that time what ever illness a woman got, the doctor would only said it was because mental sickness.

Quote 1

In the article, the narrator keep saying this "what can one do?". This reflects at that time women was very helpless.

Quote 2

And deal with the nervous depression, only treatment is to keep the woman inside a room with absolute quite. At the main time forbid her to work.

Quote 3

No matter what ever she thought, nothing would change at all, because women's ideas was not that important at that time, no matter how her husband loves her.

Quote 4

As the result of the treatment, locked in a room for ahole summer, the narrator finally got crazy. THis shows how poor the women were at that time.

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