the yellow fever epidimic

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the yellow fever epidimic

About this book

it,s1793 and there's an invisible killer roaming the streets of Philedephia. the city's residents are going in fear. this killer's name is "YELLOW FEVER" , but everything else about it is a mystery. It's cause is unknow, and there is no cure. this spectacular dramatic scene by award winnig author Jim Murphy traces dthe devastating course of thr epidimic. The medical belifs anhd practices of the time and the conditions that helped the disease to spread through the city that was the nation's capital are vividly detailed. Soo, too, is the heroic role that free black philedelphians played in saving their city.

the connection between Fever and An American Plague is that they are both about the yellow fever epidimic in1793 and they are both about people who are trying to figure out where this epidimic is coming from and why its happening to so many people at once and how its hard because children have lost their parents and parents loosing their children.




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