The Yangtze

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The Yangtze

Fun Facts

The Yangtze is called the Chang Jiang in China.It is the 3rd longest river in the world. (3,915)The whole river is entirely in one country. (China)About everyone in China lives in the Yangtze basin. (The Yangtze basin is almost the size of Texas)

The course of the Yangtze

Flowing 3,915 feet long, the Yangtze slices through the heart of China. The cousin of The Nile river has a route it likes to take; China's coastal region to the central region. The source of the river is a stream near Mount Geladandong. Mount Geladandong is a 21,700-foot (6,600-meter) mountain in western China. This mountain is located on a tall and rocky area of land called the Tibetan Plateau.

In the year 1500 B.C. the Chinese civalizations started to spread toward the Yangtze River. When the Sui dynasty was still living, the Yangtze basin was becoming the most important food-producing area in China. The Chinese then built a long canal called the Grand Canal.


China is a pretty big country, right? The population is very dense. About 1/3 of China's people live in the Yangtze basin. Do you know how big the Yangtze basin is? It's about three times the size of Texas! Every single foot of land in the lower Yangtze valley is completley farmed. The villages there are usually one story tall and made of wood or mud brick. Sometimes they even have concrete floors.

Cities and Settlements

The Yangtze


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