The Wright brothers

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The Wright brothers

What you will achieve from this Glog:-You should be able to transfer correct information to the exercise given.-You should be able to present your ideas to the whole class.-You should be able to create your own flying paper plane.

DID YOU KNOW?The brothers were interested in planes because of a toy their father brought back for them.

What would you invent?If you were given a chance, what would you invent? Get in a group of 4 and start getting busy. Present your ideas to your classmates.

The Wright Brothers

DID YOU KNOW?Before being involved with the aviation world, the brothers were actually interested in bicycles. In fact, they owned tehir own bicycle shop!

Orville WrightBorn in 1871, Dayton.Mischievous and curious boy.Died on January 30th, 1948 because of heart attack.(click on image for more information)

Wilbur WrightBorn in 1867, Indiana.Elder brother of Orville.Died on May 30th, 1912 because of typhoid fever.(click on image for more information)

Kitty Hawk Project(The first successful plane)It started with the gliders in 1900. The brothers went to Kitty Hawk to start their gliding experiments. They started by adopting designs from previous aviators. Later, they were able to create their own creation. Wilbur did most the testing in the early stages. They started making more and more progress as they were able to fly even further as the years went by. In 1903, they decided to put power on the plane, and called it Flyer. On December the 17th, the first powered plane flew in the sky by Orville Wright. It was history written in the sky. Later in the coming years, they tried improvising Flyer and created better planes. In 1909, Orville sold a plane to the U.S government for $30, 000

GLOSSARYAviator - a pilotPioneer - a person who is among the first to exploreGlider - a light aircraft that is designed to fly for long periods without using an engineMischievous - causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.Improvise - produce or make (something) from whatever is available

FUN FACT!The Wright brothers had no formal engineering training! How cool is that?



How much do you know about the Wright brothers and their invention? Click on the plane image to test your knowledge.


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