The Wright Brothers

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Inventors and Inventions

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The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers were two of the best inventors in history. Their love for invention began as small children. Their mother had a big influence on their willingness to build mechanical things. As they grew older, one of their many accomplishments was a newspaper that they published called, the West Side News. Soon after publishing their newspaper they began working on designs for a glider. They became the first in history to ever fly an airplane. There is a monument in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina dedicated to the Wright Brothers.


1867- Wilbur Wright was born in Indiana.1871- Orville Wright was born.1899-They begin work on the glider. 1902- The Wrights fly their most successful glider. 1903- The Wright brother's airplane becomes the first in history to fly.1909- The Wrights form a company to make airplanes.1912-Wilber dies.1948-Orville dies.

Some things that the Wright Brothers accomplished are making a bicycle company, creating the glider and inventing the airplane. One thing the Wright brothers accomplished is making a bicycle company. It started with John Starley who created the bicycle and then the Wrights started riding them and got interested into making them. Another thing the Wright Brothers accomplished is creating the glider. What inspired them to fly is when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and they wanted to create something successful too. The last thing the Wright Brothers created was the airplane. After they created the glider with success they knew that they were able to invent the airplane and it was successful.

Lasting Impact

The Wright brothers affected our lives by creating the airplane because we wouldn't be able to do so many things without them.


"Who Were The Wright Brothers?" By James Buckly Jr. 2014 .

The Wright Brothers



At Kitty Hawk


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