[2014] TYLER TROUT (Jardine 2014-15): The Wright brothers

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Inventors and Inventions

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[2014] TYLER TROUT (Jardine 2014-15): The Wright brothers

Wilber was born in Millville, Indiana. Orville was born years later in Dayton, Ohio. Wilber always had a dream of going to Yale University. He was not able to go because he was hurt badly in an ice hockey accident. When the brothers were in their twenties, they started their own newspaper company called the West Side News. they were interested in how things could fly so they went to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and started studying how bird's wings worked. The brothers figured out if they built something that looked like a large bird and added a moveable rudder that maybe it could fly. On December 17, 1903 they flew the very first airplane in history. it was able to fly for 59 seconds at 852 feet. Wilber and Orville started selling airplanes in Europe before coming back to the United States.


-The brothers published a news paper (West Side News)-Made the first glider that could hold a human passenger-Invented the first successful motor powered airplane-Recieved a congressional metal of honor in 1909-Recieved gold metals in the state of Ohio-Wilber and Orville recieved the Legion of Honour in 1909

Lasting Impact


- Who Were The Wright BrothersBy James Buckley Jr.-Google- History.com-Wikipedia

The WrightBrothers

The Wrights

1867- Wilber Wright is born in Indiana1871 -Orville Wright is born in Ohio1900- The brothers make their first trip to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to test their glider designs1903- They fly the first airplane in history1909- The brothers start a company to make airplanes1912- Wilbur Wright dies at age forty-five1915- Orville Wright sold the Wright airplane company1932- The monument dedicated to the Wright brothers was completed in Kitty Hawk1948- Orville Wright dies at age seventy-six


The Wright Brothers made a lasting impact on our country because they designed the first controlled airplane that could fly a pilot. They also made the first armed airplane for the military and taught the soldiers how to fly it.

I chose the Wright Brothers because I would like to fly on an airplane to Disney World one day.


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