[2015] Leandra Porter: The World Wept

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Social Studies
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[2015] Leandra Porter: The World Wept

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"The World Wept"

My Experience on This Day"I was having a lazy day, thinking about cutting my hair because it was so long. Then I decided to turn on the radio."

"They didn't protect the suspicion of the killer."

JFK's Assassination

Ethyl Knudtson

"They respected him because he was such a great leader."

On Nov. 22nd, 1963, the world ached of heartbreak when they discovered that John F. Kennedy had been killed. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, were visiting Texas so he could spread his word about his re-election to office and other topics such as world peace. Kennedy spoke at a platform outside the hotel which they stayed at and thousands attended to hear him speak. After his speech, they left on a short flight to Dallas where the couple entered their limousine at Love Field. Kennedy and his wife were on their way to Trade Mart so he could speak again at a luncheon. The streets were jam packed with excited crowds when suddenly tradegy struck to which no one saw coming. As the limousine turned off of Main Street, gun shots were fired, hitting Kennedy's neck and head. The limo immediately drove straight to the Memorial Hospital, but no matter what the doctors did, JFK could not be saved. He was laid to rest three days later in the Arlington National Cemetery.

Nov. 22nd, 1963

"President Kennedy has been shot!"

"Everyone loved him. He was a dearest part of your family."

"I was 23 years old..."


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