The World Wars

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The World Wars

World war 2

The cold war was an disagreement between the US and the Soviet Union.This conflict started after World War 2.France, US, Britain, and the Soviet Union ( Russia) distributed Germany.

Eastern Germany and the Easrtern half of Berlin was taken by the Russians.TheWestern part was taken by the US, Britain, and France.Then was divided equally among themselvesThe people wanted to flee to the west to find a better life.

-World War I occurred in the 20th century. -It all began when the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated on June 28, 1914. -The Austrian government thought that Serbia was responsible for the assassination and stated war.-Germany had become a powerful country in Europe. Its army became bigger and stronger. -Germany always had a close relationship with Austria- Hungary. Later on, other countries joined. -On the other side was Russia, France and Great Britain, who supported Serbia. -The US joined the war in 1917 and supported the Allies. They brought soldiers and war materials. -In the fall of 1918, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, and their region gave up. -World War I involved more countries than any war before it. 6 million civilians and 9 million soldiers died in the war.

The World Wars

World War 1

-One sixth of Germany's land was removed from them.  Germany's economy was doing terrible, there was a high unemployment and inflation level. A lot of the Germans were angry at the peace treaty. -By 1943 the Allies were almost sure of success.  The allies had factories that built thousands of ships,tanks, and planes. That was one of the reason they won. -A huge army of the allies crossed Britain to free France in 1944. After that they invaded Germany, as a result the war had ended on the 8 of May in 1945. -The Pacific war kept going until August 1945. There was aggressive  fighting at sea and on land.  Eventually the Allies dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. -On August 6, 1945 Japan  surrendered because the damage was horrible. World War 2 had finally ended.

The Cold War

East Germany

West Germany


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